Membership FAQs

What are the new dues rates?

Household Membership:  $60
Individual Membership:    $40
Open Door Membership:  $5

Are there any differences for the membership benefits between the three different rates?

No, every membership is with the national, state and local levels and includes from the national NAMI office:

  • One copy of the Advocate magazine, mailed twice per year
  • Access to members-only areas of the website
  • Discounts on National Convention registration rates
  • Discounts on items in the NAMI Store

Each NAMI Affiliate and NAMI State Organization offers additional membership benefits that vary depending on which group the member is a part of.



What is a Household Membership
This membership allows each individual living at the same address to be counted as a member in NAMI with the benefits of membership applied to each one listed as part of the household.  The household will only receive ONE copy of the NAMI Advocate, but all other member benefits listed below are granted to each listed member.  The household counts in the “traditional” sense (spouses plus children) or even roommates.  The NAMI Board chose “Household” to be more inclusive and to simplify the distribution of benefits.  Keep in mind that this is not “Family” membership.  While each member is counted as a member of NAMI, the paid household membership counts as ONE when determining Affiliate vote weight for NAMI Elections.

Is everyone in a household counted as a NAMI member if someone at the household paid for a Household membership?
The person who pays the Household membership will need to list the specific individuals in the household for them to be counted as members.  Someone is not considered a member if they were not listed on the Household membership or does not have a membership of their own.

Can a child who is away at college be part of the Household Membership? Can an adult child or elderly family member who is living in a care facility and supported by a parent/caregiver in the household be part of the Household Membership?
Yes, but that member of the household membership will not be assigned a separate address in NAMI 360.  NAMI will not send the magazine to additional addresses.

Can we add someone else to our Household membership prior to paying our renewal?
Yes, as long as each person is considered living at the same address.

How many people can a Household membership cover?
Right now, the system is set up to include up to 10 members in a Household Membership. Contact Member Services at to discuss adding more members than ten.  There may be exceptions to this rule.

The $60 Household membership costs too much for some families in my area—how can they still become members?
Each individual who wishes to become a NAMI member is welcome to pay the Individual or Open Door rate to have their own membership.  That person’s membership would not cover anyone else in their household, however.  We do not offer a low-income Household membership rate.



What is an Individual Membership?
This membership is for one individual only.

Can an individual living in a household have their own separate membership, or do they have to be part of a Household membership?
A person can have their own Individual or Open Door Membership even if they are living in the same household as a group with a Household Membership.

I have decided I want to purchase my own Individual Membership but am currently part of a Household Membership.  Is that possible?
Yes.  At any time, an individual may purchase an Individual or Open Door membership if they no longer want to be included as a household member and want their own instead.



What is an Open Door Membership?
This membership is an “Open Door” policy that allows for one individual only at a reduced rate and is defined by income or economic necessity at the discretion of the Affiliate member or State Organization.

Does an Open Door Membership come with less benefits?
No.  Open Door members shall have the same rights and privileges of members who pay full dues.