A FREE 5-session staff development program for health care organizations that provide services for people affected by mental illness. This unique program is led by people living well in recovery, family members, and health care providers.  The presenters share their personal, intimate perspective on their treatment experience.  The material is also available in a four-hour introductory seminar.

As a healthcare professional, it’s important to understand the unique challenges experienced by the individual and their family when facing a mental health challenge.  The primary goal of the program is to promote collaboration between the client, their family, and health care staff.  Having everyone engaged in the recovery process facilitates better outcomes.

NAMI Provider is offered 2 ways:

  • 4-hour introductory seminar (can be divided into 2 2-hour sessions)
  • 15-hour class (sessions can be divided to meet the availability of the healthcare organization)


NAMI Provider helps you:

  • Gain understanding and empathy for an individual experiencing a mental health crisis, especially in the area of treatment
  • Gain understanding and empathy for the family members, especially in the area of treatment
  • Learn to successfully apply the concept of collaboration between the individual, families, and the mental health staff
  • Understand the predictable emotional stages individuals with mental illness and their families experience


Please call NAMI Billings at 406-256-2001 for more information.